ZipBooks : Next Gen Cloud Based Accounting Software

ZipBooks is very simple and easy to use cloud based accounting software designed specifically for small businesses.

Multi-User Capabilities

With ZipBooks, multiple users can access the solution and process the transactions from any location with internet access.

Highly Secured

We keep all your financial data secure and protected by following industry-standard security protocols. With password protected logins and encrypted communication using 128-bit SSL (as used by most banks), ZipBooks provides you best in class security.

Data Safety

ZipBooks ensure that your data is safe and secure by frequently taking data backups on secure server. This ensures we always have a backup copy of your data on our servers.

User Friendly

ZipBooks is designed for Small Businesses and individuals to manage their accounts and inventory without any prior accounting knowledge. The User interface is extremely easy and does not require any training or expert accountant to run the software.


Tuesday 12 August 2014

Understanding the Cloud and ZipBooks for Small Businesses

Cloud Computing is the recent buzzword. Lets understand what it actually means and how a cloud based accounting software can be useful to your small businesses.

Cloud Computing refers to a service which involves giving hosted services over the internet or in simple terms it is storing data and accessing it over the internet. So the data needn't be stored on your computer's hard drive.

Cloud Technology helps small businesses to run more efficiently. As the data is stored over internet, Cloud gives access to it from anywhere, at anytime and whenever required. Thus it helps them access all their information in real time, thus helping them to complete their tasks quickly. It not only helps to save money but also helps in increasing productivity and grow businesses by leaps and bounds

ZipBooks, a Cloud based Accounting Software helps small business to manage all Accounting, Sales, Purchases and Inventory transactions. It is user – friendly, has multi – user capabilities, can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime, has hassle – free deployment & Maintenance and is highly secured.

ZipBooks allows to keep a track of all accounting transactions helping small businesses to keep a record of Incomes, Expenses, Outstanding Payables/Receivables, Vouchers etc. This helps them move from manual accounting system, get organized and take faster decisions.

It also manages Inventory including generating critical reports like Stock Summary, Stock Ledger and Stock Transfer Reports. It keeps a record of all the details of the items thus helping small businesses to answer questions like how much stock do we have? What is it's current cost? Where is it? Etc.

ZipBooks has Sales Module which helps in automating sales processes, finding customer relevant information and selling more efficiently. It thus helps in increasing revenues, improving sales productivity and reducing sales cycle time. It also helps in engaging more effectively with customers and get sales insight enabling quick decision making and beating market competition.

Zipbooks also helps a small business in its procurement processes by automating and streamlining them. It enables slashing paperwork, reducing errors and saving time of Purchase Department. It eliminates unwanted spending and save to the bottom line. It also automates Purchase Orders, reduces maverick purchasing and lower the cost of purchase to help business keep running.

Thus Cloud computing is beneficial to small businesses in many ways. ZipBooks which is a Cloud Based Accounting & Inventory Software helps small businesses in increasing revenues, improving growth and helping them beat the competition. It is available for trial for 30 days, free of cost!! So don't loose this opportunity and register soon!! To get more details of ZipBooks, kindly visit